Toni Marie Widmar
1953 - 2016





Toni was a very caring and loving person. She wanted to be friends with everybody.  She was always so apologetic for things she thought she said or did wrong.  The very last words Toni spoke were, "Iím sorry."   

 Toni endured many hardships in the last couple of years, but she was very determined to continue.   Her battle with life is now over and she is finally at peace. I will never forget Toni.

 Love, Barbara



Unfortunately, Toni was deprived of many of the wonderful pleasures in life that we all take for granted, and she often experienced ridicule from heartless strangers because of her condition.  Mercifully, she did have many more loving family and friends that were very kind and understanding of Toni.

Whether in person or on the phone, she would always end our conversations with, "I love you," and my response was always, "I love you more!"

So, Toni Marie, for the final time, I will say, "I love you more!"

Love, Tom