Florida House


February 2014
Garage Makeover



April 21, 2013
New second toilet in garage!
Next year I'll move all the electrical wiring to the right of the service panel,
patch and paint and install a toilet stall for privacy.
I also changed out the utility sink to a double-wide single sink for washing big stuff.



New roof on sun porch with used freezer panels
February 23, 2013








Composter for Miss Betty's Garden
March 24, 2013


New toilet in garage
April 13, 2013




New 3D big-screen TV for living room with built-in Wi-Fi


New Bunk Beds For Cade & Ivy

Living Room & Family Room Finished!


Pat floating the floors to ensure a smooth surface








Miss Betty painting the TV/Computer Room
(I helped!)



Utility Trailer


New mailbox numbers
with WI License Plate


Old Aluminum Windows



Gutted Window Frames



New Windows Installed






New Hardwood Floors